Inclement Weather

Emergency closings, due to inclement weather, will be announced commencing at 6:00 AM - 8:30 AM on radio station WCTC (1450 AM) or WMGQ (98.3 FM) radio, as well as WABC-TV Channel 7 , News 12 New Jersey , Automated Phone Calls , Email Alerts , , and North Brunswick Community TV Channel 15.

In the event of a weather related early dismissal , the radio stations will also make the appropriate announcement. Also, you can call the Board Office at (732) 289-3000 then press 3070 for any closing announcements or visit our Web site at . The decision to close school early due to inclement weather will be made by approximately 10:00 AM and announced on the radio stations listed above.

Families of North Brunswick Public School students are automatically enrolled in the Emergency Contact Communications System and will receive notifications at the phone number(s) they provided.

Unless otherwise noted, early closing dismissal times are 12:04 PM for the High School, 12:55 PM for Middle School, and 1:30 for elementary schools. Project LEAL may be canceled.

On days of extreme heat, schools may close early. Listen to the above radio stations. Check our Web site at .

Delayed Openings

In a period of temporary inclement weather, a delayed opening will be implemented. Opening of schools will be delayed 1 hour, 30 minutes as follows:

  • High School: Delay from 7:35 AM to 9:05 AM
  • Middle School: Delay from 8:07 Am to 9:37 AM
  • Elementary Schools: Delay from 8:55 AM to 10:25 AM
  • Full Day Pre-K & LLD: Delay from 8:55 AM to 10:25 AM
  • Pre-K: In the event of a delayed opening there will be NO AM Pre-K classes
  • PM Pre-K will run on a regular schedule (12:30 PM - 3:00 PM)

Transportation will also be delayed 1 hour, 30 minutes. For example, if your bus is scheduled for 8:10 AM, it will come at 9:40 AM. Walkers and pupils being driven to school should plan their arrival 1 hour, 30 minutes later. Lunch will be served. If a delayed opening occurs on a day when school is scheduled to dismiss early (i.e. 1:30 PM closing), the school day will be extended to regular closing times.

Early Closings

Early Closing Schedules

School Start time

Dismissal Time

High School

7:35 AM

12:03 PM


8:07 AM

12:55 PM


8:55 AM

1:30 PM

Full Day Pre - K -LLD

8:55 AM

1:30 PM

AM Pre - K

8:55 AM

10:50 AM

PM Pre - K

11:25 AM

1:30 PM