School Hours

Regular Day Schedule

Regular Day Schedules School Start time
High School 7:35 AM 2:15 PM
Linwood 8:07 AM 3:00 PM
Elementary 8:55 AM 3:30 PM
Full Day Pre - K 8:55 AM 3:00 PM
AM Pre - K 8:55 AM 11:25 AM
PM Pre - K 12:30 PM 3:00 PM

Delayed Opening 

In a period of temporary inclement weather, a delayed opening will be implemented. Opening of schools will be delayed 2 hours as follows:

  • High School: Delay from 7:35 AM to 9:35 AM
  • Middle School: Delay from 8:07 Am to 10:07 AM
  • Elementary Schools: Delay from 8:55 AM to 10:55 AM
  • Full Day Pre-K & LLD: Delay from 8:55 AM to 10:55 AM
  • Pre-K: In the event of a delayed opening there will be NO AM Pre-K classes
  • PM Pre-K will run on a regular schedule (12:30 PM - 3:00 PM)

Transportation will also be delayed 2 hours. For example, if your bus is scheduled for 8:10 AM, it will come at 10:10 AM. Walkers and pupils being driven to school should plan their arrival 2 hours later. Lunch will be served. If a delayed opening occurs on a day when school is scheduled to dismiss early (i.e. 1:30 PM closing), the school day will be extended to regular closing times.

Early Closings

Early Closing Schedules School Start time Dismissal Time
High School 7:35 AM 12:03 PM
Linwood 8:07 AM 12:55 PM
Elementary 8:55 AM 1:30 PM
Full Day Pre - K -LLD 8:55 AM 1:30 PM
AM Pre - K 8:55 AM 10:50 AM
PM Pre - K 11:35 AM 1:30 PM